is designed to allow Places of Worship to reopen whilst keeping social distancing measures in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

You can share an event with people so that they can register to attend, whilst ensuring that the number of people attending is within the capacity.

How to create an event on

Creating your first event goes hand in hand with creating your page

You will need to:

  1. Be the manager of the congregation page.

  2. Login to manage the congregation page.

  3. Have an event name.

  4. Have an event people capacity.

Creating an event:

After logging in to your congregation page, click on the "New Event" button on the right-hand side above the existing events cards.

On the create an event page, enter the required fields:

  1. Event Name.

  2. People Capacity - People capacity is the maximum number of people that are allowed to register and attend this event. Please ensure that you're adhering to your country's guidelines and recommendations.

If you wish to enter the date, time and duration, you can do it now or at a later point.

At this stage, you can go ahead and click on "Create Event"

After creating the event, you will see a confirmation message - here you can see the event information which you can copy and share with other people.


Managing your event

Sharing the event

Register to an event

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